As we move through an ever-changing, digitally connected world, we see ourselves at the forefront of business processes.

Sonja’s Office Services offers a wide variety of services to the trades where they need them most.

Receive On Time

Our VAs pride themselves on completing projects on time.

Fast Work Turnaround

Our VAs are able to provide fast turnaround times when needed.


  • Email Management: Most contractors get their leads via email. The ability to answer those questions quickly can make all the difference when it comes to getting hired. Our team can respond, filter messages to the contractor, and answer routine questions.
  • Appointment Scheduling: In order to provide an accurate estimate, it is necessary to schedule appointments in order to assess the job. Our team can manage client, networking, training seminars and supplier appointments easily through your calendar as well as appointment follow-up reminders
  • Data Entry: Our team can assist with updating client databases, financial records, and project details. Helping to keep all details as up-to-date as possible.
  • Task Coordination: It is common for contractors to work with others on a project. The members of Our team can assist with coordinating tasks, managing deadlines, and communicating with subcontractors. Making sure customers and the team know what’s going on is an excellent way to use our services.
  • Document Management: Access to important documents can be simplified and organized.
  • Customer Support: You can count on Our team to respond to questions and address concerns so that your clients are always satisfied.
  • Follow-Up: In addition, Our team can contact clients to request feedback, conduct reviews, or schedule future appointments.
  • Supplier Research: Our team can assist in locating and contacting suppliers for materials and equipment. It is important to find the best prices, inventory, and materials when they are needed.
  • Travel Planning: Our team can help you arrange flights, accommodations, and transportation if your business involves travel.
  • Proposal and Contract Preparation: Our team is able to help you create professional proposals, contracts, and other documents you need to win jobs.

Bookkeeping and Financial Management:

  • Expense Tracking: Our team can help track business expenses, categorize receipts, and maintain financial software.
  • Invoicing and Billing: They can support the process of sending invoices to clients and following up on overdue payments. A contractor often tries to handle this on their own after a long day’s work, but having someone do it more frequently can be beneficial.


When I used Sonja’s Office Services, she always did an excellent job for me. She was always very reliable and professional and her work for my company definitely enhanced the success of my business.

Peter Lorenzen, Pacific Wave Visual Displays

I appreciate my clients so much and wanted to acknowledge them in small ways by sending out personalized birthday and mortgage anniversary cards. Time just always seemed to be in such short supply. Sonja has given me peace of mind to know my cards go out on time every month. She is organized and communicates well. I can now focus on the other aspects of my business. Thank you Sonja!

Nicolle Dupont, Blue Tree Mortgages

Sonja is great for handling all the stuff I don’t want or have time to do, like my invoicing and receipt tracking. That way I can focus on my business and the work I have to do instead of all the stuff I don’t like.

Tylor Pater, In the Loop Consulting

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